About Tim Jack Adams

‘Wellness Architect for Human Development, Experience and Change’

At the heart of everything I do, it’s about reconnecting people to themselves, each other and the natural environment.

I guide people to find their purpose in life so they can live a life that is true to themselves and not from others’ expectations.

I support people to find value within themselves from who they are and not from what they do.

I give people the tools to nurture themselves, to improve their emotional, mental and physical well-being for a true prevention before prescription lifestyle.

I want people to thrive, not simply survive!

I believe as a society we have become disconnected, disconnected from ourselves, others and also our natural environment.

I’m here to help support and guide people back to their “True North”.

It’s my purpose, it gives me a profound sense of value for who I am and it makes me very happy.

I live a life true to myself and not from the expectations of others and I can help you do the same if you have the courage to try.

In the media:

A personal note from Tim Jack Adams

The first time I was introduced to the word wellbeing by my partner I called it ‘fluffy’. I was a bloke who did ‘manly’ things and didn’t care much for the emotional side of life, that was left bottled up inside where feelings weren’t talked about but boxed about inside a ring. I had the attitude of ‘she’ll be right mate’ and ‘harden up’ which when growing up with five physical and competitive brothers was the norm. I acted and did what I thought was what makes up a man and that was to behave rough and tough with a care-free attitude and bullet proof exterior. Smiling was a sign of weakness, crossing your legs made you feminine and speaking about your feelings made you a girl.

I was soon to find out that this was NOT what makes you a man but only someone hiding behind a mask pretending to be what they perceived as one.

Then one of my good mates and business partners committed suicide, one of the happiest blokes I knew (or so I had thought) had taken his own life and no one knew why.

He was a man’s man, rode the Harley and larger than life. Every time you chatted to him over a beer it was always ‘she’s good mate’. If there was a problem, it was skimmed over then back to a belly laugh. I thought he had it altogether and I never questioned his mental health. That was until I realised he was never coming back.

This is where I started to look at wellbeing not as ‘fluffy’ but as life-saving.

With my partner’s holistic look on wellbeing I started to realise that many parts make up a whole if you want to be truly healthy and happy. I researched, observed, listened and followed the advice of many professionals in every field that makes a well-balanced individual.

I used our companies as case studies and observed the pre and post attitudes of individuals, families and groups through each interaction with themselves, each other and nature. I engaged neuro-scientists to show me how our brain works both positively and negatively. I asked experts in their field what was the latest findings through their research and I asked individuals, families and couples what works for them on how to connect and communicate.

And I began to change, I started to converse with my partner about how I was feeling, if there was something that affected me I would talk about it, and it actually brought us closer together. I started to chat to my mates about life, partners, health, money and I found that we were all craving to just let it out and not be judged. It brought us closer together.

I started to look after myself more because I saw that I could be valuable to others. I ate healthy food, I created a routine with a regular sleep pattern which made me more productive and less irritable. I researched mental health obsessively and started to take up yoga which introduced me to my breath. I stumbled upon ‘green exercise’ and ‘earthing’ which luckily for me I had been doing my whole life but now I had the science behind why it’s so important and I can use this to help others.

I went deep into the ‘Why’ behind people’s behaviour, why don’t they continue going to the gym or eating that healthy meal plan they purchased online and why is it they put the weight back on if they now know what to do to keep it off!

What I also found to have the biggest impact on us all is connection. Connection with ourselves, each other and nature. I found that even though our society is more connected than ever before through technology we are also the most disconnected we have ever been.

I correlated all this research, case studies and my own life experience and that of others to create the platform now known as GreenX7 and its 7 core elements.

I also created the ‘Play for your Life’ card game to help people take a snap shot of their lives and know what actions to take immediately to improve their wellbeing and life balance. More profoundly what this card game does is allow people a platform to express how they are feeling in a non-intrusive way. I believe that these two tools could be the answer to help prevent the alarming growth of mental health and suicide in this country.

I believe that for people to first want to help themselves they must first value themselves, they must look within and find that connection to want to be happy. They must find that inner person worth fighting for, they must find the reasons worth fighting. Nature can do this, nature can help to look inside ourselves, nature is a catalyst.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein.

I believe once an individual feels worthy to help themselves then they feel worthy to look after themselves. To eat well, to exercise, to find a purpose greater then themselves and most importantly to make real and quality connections with themselves and others.

Only then can a person be truly happy and have a balanced life, only then can they help others in a way that is true and meaningful and from a light that shines from deep within.

I created the 7 core elements to steer people True North, to give them the tools they need to stay on course throughout their journey of life. Our ancestors have known that these elements were the key to living a healthy, happy life that they were not just life’s luxuries but life’s necessities for better wellbeing.

I’ve been through many up’s and down’s in my short years but I’m glad I have learnt at an early age the true meaning of what it is to put value before success and therefore live a life that is true to myself and not through others expectations.

I want to share what I’ve observed and learnt along the way to prevent others having to go through the grief of losing someone close or someone close losing you.

This is my story so far and now I wish to share with you everything that I have learnt, observed, researched and lived through my life. I honestly believe that if we reconnect to ourselves, each other and the natural environment our lives are the richer for it.

Let me help you to design and redefine the life you wish to live so your life is one of being rather than doing.

See you soon : )

Tim Jack Adams