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Feel Inspired. Feel Connected. Feel Alive.

GreenX7 founder Tim Jack Adams supports individuals and teams to thrive sustainably.


Workshops & Facilitation

Reconnect – To have team connection at it’s highest potential, each individual within that team first needs to know how to reconnect.


On average we spend 46 hours of our downtime each week being spectators of others connected to screens and our health and lifestyles are suffering. It’s time to re-connect to your journey and Live Your Life. We all have time. It just depends on how much you value yours.

Speaking to Inspire

The key is in the implementation of the information delivered, otherwise we are just applying a band-aid. I’ll inspire change, but I’ll also deliver the tools needed to make it happen.

Tim Jack Adams THE SPEAKER

We’re all surrounded by opportunity, resources and wealth – but we’ve forgotten the fundamental elements that energise us and give our life meaning.

We know WHY taking care of personal wellbeing is important, and it’s positive effects on depression and obesity. Tim Jack Adams uses his expertise to explain HOW individuals, families, teams and companies can reconnect to themselves, each other and the environment.

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Speaking Topics:

Live YOUR Life How we spend most of our lives being the spectators of others; It’s time to live your own legend
Finding your True North A snap shot into your life + how to find a balance
Disconnect to Reconnect The art of real communication + interaction is declining; bringing quality back to connection
Value Vs Success Are you living your life with purpose?
Self-nourishing Prevention before prescription

Tim Jack Adams THE AUTHOR

On average we spend less time outdoors than maximum security prisoners and more than three hours a day living others peoples lives through TV and social media. Our disconnection from ourselves, each other and the natural environment has now given us the title of the ‘Fattest nation on the planet’ and suicide is becoming our fastest killer.

Out of every 100 Australians by the age of 65;

  • 27 will be dead
  • 68% will be flat broke
  • 50% will have suffered a realtionship breakdown
  • 50% will have suffered poor mental health
  • 82% will have a chronic illness

Eating well and exercise are only two of the seven core elements we need to thrive and not just survive to improve our health and happiness. It’s time to shed the light on the other five elements.

Companies facilitated by Tim Jack Adams:

Tim Jack Adams
There are so many coaches, techniques and theories on how to improve your life in the world today. The question I ask when listening to a coach/speaker is this a well-balanced person? Are they happy? Do they reflect the quality of life I desire and they convey? In my opinion Tim has all these qualities in abundance. Tim’s presentation style is uplifting, entertaining and enlightening. What a refreshing topic, and one that should be shared with all! He presents in a manner that is both humorous and entertaining, while still getting his message across. He would be a huge asset to any group who is looking for an amazing, one-of-a-kind speaker. His ability to connect to a variety of personalities, cultures, and ages is a true gift!
Ron FredericksenExecutive Director
I recently collaborated with Tim Jack Adams and his team to deliver a team building event at Elements on Byron. With  a short lead time, Tim and his team were able to work with me  to deliver a hugely successful program that was loved by all. I appreciated Tim's style and felt a great connection with himself and his team.
Tim is easy to communicate with and has a genuine love for his craft.  I highly recommend engaging Tim for any corporate event and can vouch for his professionalism and commitment.
Greg NorrisDirector, ONE NINE FIVE
A huge thank you to Tim and the Green X team for our experience last week. Taking just a few hours out of our working day to refocus and reconnect with ourselves has had such a positive impact on my own personal wellbeing as well as our whole team’s working environment. Besides the fact that we got to bond as a team outside of work, we also were reminded of the beautiful environment that we work in and were shown the tools to use in this space to improve our minds and overall improve our productivity.
Rachel O'ReillyConference and Events Coordinator
Tim is incredibly enthusiastic, professional, friendly and knows about the local area. His local contacts are an asset to the company to allow doors to open on things that may not normally be possible. I really like that Tim works with professionals in each of the activities, this adds another level to the service that they provide. I would not hesitate with working with Tim again in the future.
Shayne MeadEvent Travel Management
Loved the event yesterday - it was very interesting to sit back and watch them all work individually and then come together as a team. They had a great time Tim, so don’t be surprised if you receive another email from me around October next year requesting another activity to be created for.
Lisa OsborneCsiro Materials Science And Engineering
I just wanted to say thank you for a special and inspiring week at Salt Beach. I enjoyed hearing from you how beneficial my beach training is for my wellbeing. I really connected with your passion for the beach and water. I’ve sent you a small gift of appreciation.
Rhys AtkinsonACS conference
My sister Bronwyn and I really enjoyed your philosophy and passion for what you do. Everything you said is something that I knew in principle (although the stats you shared did surprise me!), but you put it together in such a simple and engaging way that it becomes much easier to keep in mind.
Meagan BrowneEden Health Retreat
Tim and his team took us through a range of techniques to apply to our work environment and everyday life – how to handle stress, re-focus and just how to simply breathe and re-connect with ourselves and the people around us. Green-X reminds you of the beautiful environment we have at our fingertips and how to use this to improve our overall well-being, especially when dealing with difficult and stressful times. These techniques are now used every day by our team, providing a happy and more productive office! Thanks Tim.
Melissa BestConference and Events Coordinator